Our Vision

We founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. in 2007 to be the antithesis of the day’s recruiting practices by offering a unique, high-end approach to hiring. Our vision is about leveraging all the skills and experience of a successful Information Technology leader, a hiring manager to find the best possible person for each position we source.

As a lifelong private-sector Information Technology leader, my passion, my purpose, has always been helping people achieve the success they desire. I learned long ago that success as a leader is about encouraging people to grow, develop and thrive in a culture of empowerment, ownership, and mission. Beaullieu and Associates brings this passion and leadership insight to the world of IT Recruiting by focusing on the "Person" and the "Value" they bring.

Over the last several years, I have been honored to serve hundreds of transitioning military veterans and military spouses helping them pursue private-sector careers. It's been an excellent way for me to live out my passion... It's exhilarating! It was an easy decision to transition myself, my company, and my brand to focus on being a resource for transitioning military, military spouses, and veterans looking for #postmilitary career opportunities. This move allows me to live my passion and really leverage the value I bring as a leader. Our passion, our purpose, our mission will always be helping people achieve the success they desire.

Our passion, our purpose, our mission is helping people achieve the success they desire.

if it was easy...anybody could do it

At the heart of our offering is an "Old School" approach to hiring where every applicant, resume and requirement is viewed through the lens of a successful information technology leader, a hiring manager. 

 direct hire cyber & information technology professionals

Direct Hire
Direct Hire - Monthly Arrears Installments
Direct Hire - Per Seat Monthly

We specialize in the Direct Hire of hard-to-find, cleared, Cyber and Information Technology Specialists for Defense Contractors serving US Military and Intelligence Organizations. We are 100% focused on helping these organizations succeed.

  • Direct Hire - % base annual salary and/or flat-rate pricing.
  • Direct Hire - Monthly arrears installments.
  • Direct Hire - Monthly per-seat pricing. We manage the candidate pipeline for each seat.
  • 4-month replacement guarantee.


Bernard is one of the most professional Recruiters I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are placed with the right company with your type of skill set. Bernard never gave up while I was interviewing with a company that was going back and forth on hiring another IT candidate before looking at me. He was able to get me an interview and two weeks later I got the job. I highly recommend that for anyone looking for an IT position, speak with Bernard. He is kind professional and always makes sure to keep you informed every step of the way until you are placed in the right job!

Scott Steagall Duluth, Georgia

I worked with Bernard in 2008 , It was great working with him , He takes very good care of the Consultants that work for him . I wish I again work for him in future .



I met Bernard 2 years ago when he was recruiting for a position in San Antonio. While the position did not work out at that time, it did a year later when Bernard again got me an interview with the company, And thanks to him I got the job, without him I wouldn’t have.


Cherie Plemmons San Antonio, Texas

Bernard is absolutely the best IT staffer that I have ever worked for. He actually cares about his employees personally and professionally. He also gives his contracting companies the same respect, attention to detail, and a desire to make sure he is filling positions with the right talent. He is the best of the best in central Texas.

James Andrews Austin, Texas

I first met Bernard 13 years ago when I was an employee of a company he worked for and later worked with Bernard and his company for a number of years to staff my It Service Desk.  He always found me the right person for the right job.  It has been my pleasure to know and work with Bernard.  I highly recommend Bernard, he made my life a lot easier.

Gary Chapman Austin, Texas

I also have had the privilege to work with Bernard in the past . He is a true professional and always a problem solver regardless of the challenges. As a leader he is very motivating and a caring individual that leads by example while side by side with any team member also maintaining the focus of the mission.

I am confident that anyone that engages with Bernard and or his company will be satisfied as he will ensure it.  My Very Best!


Bill Comfort SVP Client Support Services at DecisionOne

Bernard Beaullieu is a rare find that cares equally for his staff and clients going above and beyond to help assure their success. Some of the best moments in my IT career has been working for Bernard Beaullieu.

James Christensen San Antonio, Texas

I had the privilege of working for Bernard in 2007. As a long time I.T. consultant I have worked thru many recruiters and Bernard definitely stands out in my mind as setting the bar for excellence in what he does. He is at once consummately professional and very personable, and is genuinely concerned about meeting the needs of both those he recruits and those he provides staff for. I am sure that anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Bernard in either capacity will be quick to confirm that his approach is refreshing and his character and demeanor inspire confidence.

In my own experience with Bernard this came to light in the fact that he was willing to recruit me for a position in Texas even though I was living in Pennsylvania ...If circumstances ever made it possible I would welcome the opportunity to work with Bernard again.


Laird Bishop Austin, Texas

I have met Bernard a year ago when he was recruiting me for a position in San Antonio. While the position did not materialize due to external circumstances Bernard proved vital for me while networking in the government sector. I value his integrity and honesty. I am happy to send any leads his way knowing that they will be in good hands.

S Haley San Antonio, Texas

I worked for Bernard Beaullieu and found him to be an excellent employer. He looks out for the best interest of the employee and is ethical, helpful and honest. Encourages and accredits good work and provides constructive criticism when needed. I would consider it a privilege to  have a chance to work for him again.


Ramachandran Subramanian

We use Beaullieu & Associates to fill our various IT vacancy needs. Beaullieu & Associates is priced right, quickly provides qualified candidates and has gone above and beyond on more than a few occasions to assist in our overall success.


Site Lead, US Army Information Technology Support San Antonio, Texas

We used Beaullieu & Associates to fill numerous contract IT roles and found them very easy to work with. They get to the heart of what the hiring manager is seeking and then quickly deliver candidates.

Manager HR Services, Fortune 500 Manufacturer

I was a consultant for Bernard for a major financial services company when I lived in South Texas. Bernard’s diligence in understanding our client’s needs, ensuring that my experience and skills fit those needs, and his strong ongoing support of both the client and me made this long-term engagement one of the most successful and gratifying engagements in my professional career. I wholeheartedly recommend Bernard and Beaullieu & Associates for your IT staffing and services needs.

Larry Murry Senior Consultant Western US

Bernard is an amazing recruiter and business person. I am recently separated veteran and the months before I separated he was always in contact with opportunities, some of them I was unable to move forward with due to active duty service obligations, but he always kept in contact as I came closer to my end of active service. Through the employment process with Bernard he always made sure to be available and assisted me with any questions I may have had. Bernard is "ONE OF A KIND" he goes above and beyond for his employees. I enjoy working for Bernard as does everyone I know that works for him.

Duane Cree Professional Services Engineer Alpharetta, Georgia

Best manager I have ever worked for. If Bernard hadn't decided to make a change, I would still be working for him today. Awesome man!

Mark Arneson Project Manager San Antonio, Texas

Bernard Beaullieu is an expert at IT Service Management. I have had the pleasure of working with him for three years while he was President of the local HDI San Antonio Chapter. Later, when I moved to another company, he was able to assist me through Beaullieu & Associates by sourcing technical talent in a challenging market. By the way, his referral ended up being assigned to our solution delivery team, reserved for our top tier IT professionals. If you are looking for help in maturing your ITSM practices or need top notch technical talent, I highly recommend Bernard Beaullieu.

Ron Willbanks Senior Director - IT Infrastructure & Operations San Antonio, Texas

Bernard is a very thorough individual. He helped me find an amazing job QUICKLY and made the entire process smooth. Any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. He is very good at his job and i highly recommend him.

Michael House Escalation Tech Austin, Texas

Bernard's ability to identify specific talent to align to an organization's needs goes beyond all of the recruiters I have ever used, past and present. Bernard listens to the needs and more importantly to the cultural aspects that will allow an individual to thrive within an organization. More that just the basic technical skills needed he is able to match personalities to ensure alignment with goals for both the organization and the individual. He provides an essential win - win solution for all involved.

David Pustka Director of Operations Austin, Texas

I had the opportunity to work with Bernard Beaullieu in 2014. My employment of 12+ years had recently ended and I was trying to get back into the job market. Bernard contacted me with an opportunity that was suited to my skillset. It was a situation that was along the lines of what I had been doing, but also had the potential for growth. Unfortunately, that company had an unexpected layoff and reorganization which ended my contract. Throughout the stress of suddenly being back into the job market again, Bernard was professional and supportive. He wrote me a glowing letter of recommendation based on our conversations and his feedback from my employer. Even though I’ve been at my current job for over 2 years, he still occasionally reaches out to check in and see how things are going. It’s rare and refreshing to encounter someone as genuine and professional as Bernard.

Michael Axinn Desktop Support Technician, Denver, Colorado

Bernard is an expert at connecting people and organizations. Job seekers and employers would be wise to listen to his recommendations. I my self am enjoying the benefits of Bernard's expertise, his efforts brought me to an outstanding firm where I am now flourishing. To any business who is need of a staffing and services provider I say you would be hard pressed to find a person who puts more care, diligence, and genuine concern into their work for you than Bernard.

Frank Alaniz Account Manager McAllen, Texas

I met Bernard at a CMA event during my transition. He took time to review my job search process and gave me some valuable job search and interview tips. I landed my first private sector job shortly there after. Great mentor...keeps it real!

Robert Lawson Jones Talent Acquisition Professional San Antonio, Texas

I highly recommend working Mr. Beaullieu. Not only did he match me with a great organization, but his follow-up after the fact has been great.

Michael Garza Information Technology Consultant McAllen, Texas

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Beaullieu. Bernard was very honest and insightful during our brief engagement. He was very personable and friendly and went above and beyond in his efforts to give me the information and advice I needed. I would highly recommend Bernard and his services.

Peter Oulman Information Systems Manager Minneapolis - St Paul, Minnesota

Bernard is a thoughtful leader who is genuine and authentic. We met during a military transition event and Bernard quickly put me at ease and provided reassuring guidance and advice about my plan for the future. Since that time, he has often checked in to see how things have progressed and to inquire about how he could help. I will be forever grateful for his mentorship, guidance, and calm demeanor. This is the guy you want on your team!


Jennifer Anthony, PMP San Antonio, Texas

Bernard is absolutely fantastic! A mentor. A guide. Now, a friend for a lifetime. He hadn’t known me that long at all and took the time to make sure that I was taken care of in starting my new career. He helped me when I needed it most and asked for nothing in return. I am forever grateful.

Raphael Ruiz San Antonio, Texas

Bernard is an extraordinarily intelligent and effective leader with the ability to analyze problems quickly while providing effective solutions. He is incredibly in tune with the existing problematic surrounding transitioning service members. After only a couple of sessions, Bernard has provided me with a tailored, knowledgeable and immediately successful strategy to transition into my preferred civilian career. I cannot emphasize his professionalism, experience, ethics and knowledge enough.

Julian Toro San Antonio, Texas

I had a very friendly and informative intro call with Mr. Beaullieu a couple of weeks ago. He also recommended a few very minor tweaks to my LinkedIn profile. A few days later I was contacted by a CEO who was drawn to my profile very specifically by the updates recommended by Mr Beaullieu. I start my new job next week! Bernard’s insight was very thought provoking and his recommendations were spot-on.

Tim Krkosa Project Manager San Antonio, Texas

I reached out to Bernard from a recommendation from a friend as I was transitioning from the military into the civilian work force. Bernard took the time to meet with me to get me focused on what I truly wanted to do and not just looking for a job. He challenged me to think about my career goals and not settle for opportunities because I had the skills that companies desired. He was right, I landed a great opportunity and Bernard was a key reason why. I highly recommend any separating/retiring cyber/IT service members to reach out to Bernard. It is rare to find someone that truly wants to help and asks nothing in return and Bernard is that type of individual.

Shawn Austin IT Project Manager San Antonio, Texas

I met Bernard at a networking event hosted by the Military Transition Network. After hearing my transition story (frustration), he immediately engaged and offered his help. I had no idea what he meant by "help", but I was deflated and open to suggestions. I did not know that he would spend the next week reaching out and connecting me with people in my chosen industry. Why is that important to me? It's important because I am not a cyber "guy" and that's Bernard's wheelhouse.

Staying true to his desire to support transitioning service members, Bernard showed his servant leadership and helped me, even though I had nothing but thanks to offer in return. He has volunteered an immeasurable amount of support to me, personally and professionally. He helped boost my confidence and provided advice as I navigated through several initial phone screenings. His advice helped secure face-to-face interviews with multiple organizations. The 10 minutes I invested in my initial contact with Bernard have proven to be a wise investment

Hector A. Rivera Diaz Program Manager San Antonio, Texas

Bernard was key in bringing me to my successful employment with Temple-Inland. The customer relationship and follow up with his employer base is second to none. If you have Bernard in your corner your chances of landing the desired position are enhanced to the max! My interview skills were rather weak at that time, but with assistance and coaching combined with knowing the employer and exactly what the position required made it happen. Cannot recommend his services enough as my results were a great growth to my career path!

Sam Burdge Global Citrix Specialist Austin, Texas

Bernard is truly committed to his calling, helping others. I met him at a transition event for military service members where he was volunteering his time to conduct mock interviews and share his insight. In the months following, we had several focused phone calls in which he was able to teach me how to direct my efforts in the direction that I wanted to go within the Cyber/IT workforce. From LinkedIn profile recommendations to resume tips, I can say that he was vital to my success in landing an opportunity and completing a successful transition. Bernard is laser-focused and I would highly recommend reaching out to him regardless of your transition status.

Daniel Scarlatella Data Manager San Antonio, Texas

Bernard worked with me to land a great position on a Government contract. He was consistent in his fair, thorough descriptions of the role and what the hiring team was looking for.

I appreciate Bernard's honest feedback and positive perspective. Both were very valuable during the whole recruitment cycle.

If you are a good match for a role Bernard is recruiting for, Bernard is among the best to guide you through the journey from the initial introduction to the final offer.

Javier Prado Software Developer San Antonio, Texas

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