Our Vision

We founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. in 2007 to be the antithesis of the day’s recruiting practices by offering a unique, high-end approach to hiring. Our vision is about leveraging all the skills and experience of a successful Information Technology leader, a hiring manager to find the best possible person for each position we source.

Over the last several years, I have had the honor of serving hundreds of transitioning military veterans and military spouses helping them pursue private-sector careers. It's been a great way for me to live out my passion... It's exhilarating! I found myself surrounded by Top Secret - SCI Cyber and Information Technology Professionals looking for help as they prepare for and connect to private sector employment.

It was an easy decision to transition myself, my company, and my brand to focus on being a resource for cleared Cyber and Information Technology professionals looking for career opportunities.  We proactively develop a grassroots network of cleared Cyber and IT professionals by helping them prepare for and hire into fulfilling careers as they transition into the private sector.  I believe this move allows me to live my passion and really leverage the value I bring as a leader.

Our passion, our mission is helping people achieve the success they desire.

if it was easy...anybody could do it

At the heart of our offering is an "Old School" approach to hiring where every applicant, resume and requirement is viewed through the lens of a successful information technology leader, a hiring manager. 

 direct hire cyber & information technology professionals

Direct Hire
Direct Hire - Monthly Arrears Installments
Direct Hire - Per Seat Monthly

We specialize in the Direct Hire of hard-to-find, cleared, Cyber and Information Technology Specialists for Defense Contractors serving US Military and Intelligence Organizations. We are 100% focused on helping these organizations succeed.

  • Direct Hire - % base annual salary and/or flat-rate pricing.
  • Direct Hire - Monthly arrears installments.
  • Direct Hire - Monthly per-seat pricing. We manage the candidate pipeline for each seat.
  • 4-month replacement guarantee.


Bernard is one of the most professional Recruiters I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are placed with the right company with your type of skill set. Bernard never gave up while I was interviewing with a company that was going back and forth on hiring another IT candidate before looking at me. He was able to get me an interview and two weeks later I got the job. I highly recommend that for anyone looking for an IT position, speak with Bernard. He is kind professional and always makes sure to keep you informed every step of the way until you are placed in the right job!

Scott Steagall Duluth, Georgia

Contact Information

Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. is 100% virtual. We leverage both Zoom and Teams video conferencing channels and have access to physical conference room space at this address. Building

Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. 1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700 San Antonio, Texas 78232 Voice: 210-710-4161