Considering a job search, up for promotion or just want to get your career on track?

Every hiring decision, every promotion involves selecting someone from the final two or three qualified candidates that survive the process. How can you significantly improve your chances of making it to the final group and being the one selected for the position? What is it the pushes the final candidate over the top?

It’s all about value…More specifically being able to clearly demonstrate/articulate the value that you bring to the team/organization will set you apart from other candidates. I know this sounds nebulous. Webster defines value as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

There is a plethora of information, articles, blog posts and advice available about resume writing and navigating through the application process to actually getting an interview. Most of this advice focuses on skills, experience and showing you meet the requirements. Who wants to hire “Meets Requirements?” Value transcends skills and experience and allows you to paint a picture of the impact that you will have on the organization. How powerful is that?

In my world, value starts with your personal brand…Those 3 or 4 traits that define you as a person and serve as your guiding light. All of those thought-provoking interview questions and scenarios you run into aim to give the hiring manager some insight into how you approach situations. They are probing to uncover what guides you and the overall value that you might bring to the organization in the future. I believe personal brand is the deciding factor when it comes to making the final hiring decision. For me, it’s all about integrity, value and commitment.

What is your personal brand? What is it that guides you in your career and everyday life? Do some real soul-searching here and think about what you stand for and how you would like to be perceived. From today on make sure that your decisions, your actions and how others perceive you consistently reflect your personal brand. If you don’t like it…Change it…Now! Start making decisions and performing in a manner that will enable you answer those tough interview questions with real life examples that reflect your personal brand.

The next part of the value equation is being able to show how you will perform and fit into the organization. I spent a good part of my career leading large information technology support teams covering multiple states and large geographic territories.  I learned to appreciate the overall effectiveness and performance of the people I had supporting the remote areas and what I call their Remote Mentality. It’s all about being able to thrive in a culture of empowerment, ownership and mission.

What could be more valuable to a hiring manager, a team or an organization than bringing in someone who serves the mission, owns their area of responsibility and always does the right thing?

Lastly, let’s talk about skills and experience from a value perspective. What skill, what experience, what knowledge do you have that will bring the most value to the teams/organizations you wish to join? Throughout our careers, all of us experience new initiatives, projects, roll-outs, acquisitions and mergers…Change in general. Did you lead the effort? Were you a contributor? Did you embrace the change? Did you blaze a trail? What tangible results did your organization realize from your efforts?

Use this value perspective to craft your elevator pitch, resume and the real life examples you plan on talking about during the interview process. The idea is to paint a clear, concise picture of the great things you will do and why you are the best choice for this position.

In 2007, I founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc., to be the antithesis of today’s recruiting practices by offering a unique, high-end approach to IT Staffing & Recruiting that focuses on delivering value, performance and results.

Today more than ever, our clients appreciate our approach and the overall value we bring. The depth of our offering goes way beyond traditional staffing. In our world, integrity, trust and mutual respect encourage a spirit of true collaboration.

Looking to jump-start your career? Start with your personal brand

We have had the privilege of leading and connecting with many great Information Technology Professionals on a daily basis, literally thousands over the years, helping them advance their careers and achieve their dreams. Understanding and projecting “Who You Want To Be”, your personal brand is a great first step towards achieving the success you desire and getting your career on track.

There is tons of information and advice out there about how to craft a good resume, how to answer tough interview questions and how to navigate your way through the selection process to get to the final cut. So what next?

Understanding, articulating and projecting your “Personal Brand” provides a very solid foundation for being successful at anything you do. Your personal brand is those three or four attributes that guide you and are reflected throughout your life’s body of work.

“What’s Your Personal Brand?” For me, it is all about Integrity, Service, Value and Commitment.

Integrity – Integrity is the foundation of any successful individual or team. Integrity builds trust. Trust empowers people. Empowered people propel teams to new heights and in new directions.

Service – Helping people, teams and entire organizations achieve the success they desire.

Value – The importance, worth or usefulness of something. What do you bring to your team or organization? Are you an MVP when it comes serving the mission and achieving results?

Commitment – Are you dedicated to the cause…mission? Can we count on you? Will you own it and see it through?

Knowing and living your personal brand leads to a great deal of consistency and confidence even under the most extreme situations. As you look to progress to the next level you will be asked to give examples of how you performed under difficult scenarios. Living and then recanting those experiences with the perspective of your personal brand as the guiding light will portray a clear and concise view of who you are.

Start with a clear understanding of who you want to be. Go out and build your personal brand to achieve the success you desire!

In 2007, I founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc., to be the antithesis of today’s recruiting practices by offering a unique approach to recruiting that focuses on people and their potential for delivering value, performance and results.

Considering a career move? Start with the magic wand!

I have the privilege of talking to people on a daily basis about their careers and what they want to do next. Normally the conversation starts with a thumbnail sketch about a position we are recruiting or a brief skills profile of the person seeking career advice.

Next comes the question; “Magic Wand In Hand, the Sky’s the Limit, What Do You Want to Do Next”? Then comes a moment of silence…some stammering, followed by a few guarded attempts at an answer. This is a tough question that requires a lot of thought and soul searching. It normally takes asking at least three iterations of the question to start to “Peel the Onion” and begin the process of getting to a real answer.

We all have traits, skills, experience, and a record of performing roles in a particular organization, industry, or vertical market. These are great things that represent many of the assets we bring to any team/organization. This career DNA will guide you down a predetermined path to what seems like the logical next steps, the next position. Are you on track, excited about the future, hyper-motivated, and a top performer?

I encourage you to take a step back and truly engage in some soul searching about what you really want to do. Magic wand…The sky is the limit…What do you want to do next?

Bernard Beaullieu to present at the New Horizons SpecTECHular – Friday, October 14

Career Development – The Value of Professional Associations and Networking

Bernard Beaullieu, president of the HDI San Antonio Local Chapter and founder of Beaullieu & Associates will present at the New Horizons SpecTECHular event in San Antonio on Friday, October 14.  He will facilitate an open group discussion on the value of professional associations and networking when it comes to career development.  The idea of the session is to give IT professionals a chance to collaborate, share success stories and pose questions to other career minded IT professionals.  By nature the session itself will give participants great insight into the value of networking and collaboration.

This event is offered at no charge by New Horizons Learning Centers and includes both breakfast and lunch.BB061210-0468-3

Please click here for more information and registration for this great opportunity to get growing!


Bernard Beaullieu serves as president of the HDI San Antonio Local Chapter.   HDI is a global IT Support association and certification body for the technical service and support industry. The HDI San Antonio Local Chapter mission is to serve San Antonio area businesses and organizations by helping them increase the value, stature and strategic importance of their Information Technology Support organization.

Mr. Beaullieu is the founder of Beaullieu & Associates, a San Antonio Information Technology Staffing & services provider.  Mr. Beaullieu has spent the majority of his career leading information technology organizations and serving the San Antonio community.

Why not hire the best!

Even though it was 30 years ago I still remember my first hire like it was yesterday.  I had just been promoted into my first leadership role and had to replace myself plus one other person.  Needless to say I was extremely busy and on top of that I did not have the right perspective when it came to finding and engaging the best person.  I went through the process and hired someone that stood out from a technical standpoint, but they failed miserably.

In hindsight, it was probably good that this first hire turned out the way it did.  I learned two important lessons that still guide me today.  The first one is that hiring is a rare opportunity to positively impact the trajectory of your team and consequently the most important decision you make as a leader, (These days it has become even rarer).  Finding and engaging the best person should be the number one priority for any organization.  The benefits from a great hire are tremendous and increase exponentially over time.

The second lesson is that while technical skills and experience are important, candidates with attributes like integrity and a strong desire to serve the mission are more likely to have a positive impact on our team.  Over the years we were able to achieve phenomenal results by building teams and helping people grow and develop within a culture of empowerment, ownership and mission.  Imagine the impact of bringing this insight directly to the recruiting process.

In 2007 we founded Beaullieu & Associates San Antonio's most respected information technology staffing provider with the idea of doing just that.  At the heart of our offering is an "Old School" approach to recruiting where every candidate, resume and requirement is viewed through the lens of an experienced information technology leader, a hiring manager.  We are the antithesis of today's modern recruiting practices.  We are focused and committed to finding and engaging the the best person, the best fit, every time.