Looking for a great way to bolster your leadership skills?

Every year the HDI San Antonio Local Chapter hosts a special awards ceremony honoring the best local Service Desk Analysts, Desktop Support Technicians, Support Managers and Support Teams. The nomination process will start in a couple of weeks culminating with the local Awards Banquet on December 1st. We are looking for a few volunteer judges to score the written nominations and the recorded telephone interviews. In addition to being a very rewarding experience, judging the Service Desk Analyst and Desktop Support competition represents a rare opportunity to gain insight into what skills and attributes peer leaders and support organizations value in their top performers. Hearing San Antonio’s best analysts and technicians give their perspective on information technology support is amazing.

Judging the local competition is a 4 hour commitment that will take place in November and will consist of scoring the written nomination forms and the recorded interviews. The forms and interviews are distributed via email so judges can carve out a convenient time to do the scoring. This year we are looking at streamlining the process by only interviewing the top 5 nominees from each category.

Are you interested in serving your local IT support community as a judge for the HDI awards program? Please contact Bernard Beaullieu for more details.

Are technology and today’s recruiting practices keeping you from hiring the best people?

I am not alone in my belief that the most important decisions leaders make involve selecting the best people to join their team.

Steve Jobs - "I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1."

The good news is that advances in technology and more recently social media have been a great help in reaching an extremely large audience and generating interest in open positions.  We have access to a seemingly limitless pool of potential candidates.  We have a huge net...life is good, right?

Why is it that the #1 concern I hear from hiring managers is the quality of the candidates they get?   Part of the answer lies in the recruiting process, more specifically the recruiting lens with which candidates are being screened/evaluated.  These days, candidate screening is done through ATS Systems and associate personnel with no actual hiring/leadership experience.   At odds with this is the hiring manager's expectation that the recruiting process is capable of developing a shortlist of the best candidates for the position.

You would be amazed at the number of times I have recruited for a company and the person that was hired was someone who had tried to apply through the normal process but could not even get a callback.

How do you break the cycle?  In my world, I personally evaluate every candidate for every position I work all the way through the recruiting process.  We do not use ATS or technology to screen candidates.   We rely on a recruiting lens that benefits from 20+ years of  Information Technology leadership experience.  Sometimes you have to "Turn Over Rocks".

Short of that, think about injecting your leadership experience earlier in the screening process before the best candidate is eliminated.   Adjust your expectations, screening parameters and encourage your recruiter to open things up and take some chances on the candidates they are submitting.  Stop wondering about "Why" you got that candidate...instead, think about "What If"? The extra effort will reap tremendous benefits for years to come.

Bernard Beaullieu founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc., in 2007 as a full-service San Antonio Information Technology Staffing & Recruiting firm.   We are the antithesis of today's Information Technology Staffing providers and company internal recruiting processes.   Our philosophy is to focus extensive IT leadership and hiring experience directly to finding and engaging the best people.  Why not hire the best!

Looking for a leadership perspective to elevate your team and achieve success?

I have spent a good part of my career leading large Information Technology support teams covering multiple states and large geographic territories.  Early on, I learned to appreciate the overall effectiveness of the people I had supporting the remote areas.   These were normally one to two person support teams located in remote, isolated areas like Amarillo, Tyler, Midland, etc.  I have had the good fortune to work with some really great people out there and they typically knocked it out of the park!

What was it that made these people so effective?  I think it was their ability to flourish in a remote area, “Remote Mentality”.  They totally owned their turf and took responsibility for everything that went on in their territory.   When needed, these remote specialists would escalate and engage other resources to help.  Through these challenges, they served the mission and owned the outcome.

I also realized that I was a much more effective leader when managing the remotes.  By nature, I had to get out-of-the-way, empower these people to run their turf and let their “Remote Mentality” thrive.  My job was simple.  All I had to do was articulate the mission, define turf, (areas of responsibility) and support each person when they needed additional resources or help.

Here is a path to get this going in the right direction

  • Start with yourself.  Make sure you fully understand and support the mission of your organization.  Walk the walk, talk the talk.
  • Make sure that everyone on your team understands and supports the mission.
  • Clearly define areas of responsibilities, turf.
  • Get out-of-the-way and empower your people to own their turf.  Support them and get them resources and help when they need it.
  • When things go wrong look at them from a “Remote Mentality” perspective.  Did we lose sight of the mission?  Did we own the issue?  Did leadership get in the way?

I know this sounds very idealistic and simple.  Certainly, there will be bumps along the way.  Engaging a “Remote Mentality” will give your people and your organization a great chance to develop and flourish.

Bernard Beaullieu is the founder of Beaullieu & Associates, Inc., a San Antonio Information Technology Staffing & Recruiting firm.    We believe the most important decisions a leader makes involve selecting the best people to join their team.  Why not hire the best?

Are You Playing It Safe With Your Career, “Laying Up”?

It was at least ten years ago in Austin at a Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Tournament.  We were discussing our strategy for a long approach shot over water and into a gusty, cool, north wind.  It was then that Norvell uttered those famous words: “We Didn’t Come To Lay Up”!  We went for it…

We are surrounded by all kinds of news, discussions, noise, reasons why we “Can’t”, and talk about how “Things Will Never Be the Same!”  All this skepticism is creating a tremendous opportunity for those willing to get out there and “Test the Waters”.  There are tons of great opportunities just waiting for someone to take a chance.

“Be Bold!”  Now is the time to pursue those dreams.  You will be amazed at what awaits you.

You’re Looking for a New Job & It’s Quiet…Is that a Good Thing?


Don’t be discouraged. Looking for a job is kind of like a DIY Project at home. For most people, you rarely use DIY skills so it is hard to be a Pro. If you are a Pro at landing a job, that’s not such a good thing either.

Today there are all kinds of “Smart Tools” and People that use specific algorithms to filter out potential candidates like you and invite Pro’s to participate in the hiring process.

On your resume and applications, take time to focus on your last position and really convey the skills and value you bring to any organization. We suggest bullets prioritized by the most important, (Ranked by Value to Your Target Audience), being listed first.

We are Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. “Your Local Presence” for Information Technology Staffing & Services.