Are You Playing It Safe With Your Career, “Laying Up”?

It was at least ten years ago in Austin at a Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Tournament.  We were discussing our strategy for a long approach shot over water and into a gusty, cool, north wind.  It was then that Norvell uttered those famous words: “We Didn’t Come To Lay Up”!  We went for it…

We are surrounded by all kinds of news, discussions, noise, reasons why we “Can’t”, and talk about how “Things Will Never Be the Same!”  All this skepticism is creating a tremendous opportunity for those willing to get out there and “Test the Waters”.  There are tons of great opportunities just waiting for someone to take a chance.

“Be Bold!”  Now is the time to pursue those dreams.  You will be amazed at what awaits you.

Beaullieu & Associates Alpharetta, GA IT Support Team Dinner!

IMG_0346 (2)

Alpharetta, GA Onsite IT Support Team Left to Right Duane, Tim, Far Right Scott.


I had a great time in Alpharetta, GA last week visiting with our On-Site IT Support Team.  Wow, what an awesome group!

You could not find a more cohesive, customer service oriented and technically skilled team.  They really exemplify our passion for Integrity, Service, Value & Commitment!

Thanks again Duane, Tim and Scott for taking a chance and joining Beaullieu & Associates, Inc.


You’re Looking for a New Job & It’s Quiet…Is that a Good Thing?


Don’t be discouraged. Looking for a job is kind of like a DIY Project at home. For most people, you rarely use DIY skills so it is hard to be a Pro. If you are a Pro at landing a job, that’s not such a good thing either.

Today there are all kinds of “Smart Tools” and People that use specific algorithms to filter out potential candidates like you and invite Pro’s to participate in the hiring process.

On your resume and applications, take time to focus on your last position and really convey the skills and value you bring to any organization. We suggest bullets prioritized by the most important, (Ranked by Value to Your Target Audience), being listed first.

We are Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. “Your Local Presence” for Information Technology Staffing & Services.

Beaullieu & Associates Is Expanding

Beaullieu & Associates is expanding!  We are now doing business in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Colorado.

Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. is a premier Information Technology Staffing & Services provider.  We founded our company in 2007 with a passion for Integrity, Value and Commitment, backed by an extensive history of Information Technology Leadership success in the San Antonio & Austin area.   This vision continues to grow and flourish helping our customers achieve phenomenal success.


Being Stranded on a Desert Island Key to Business Strategy?


Fav Fly Fishing Flat in Aransas Pass

Friday afternoon, I left San Antonio and headed to Aransas Pass to hang out, work and do some fishing.  I arrive and within minutes…OMG!  No laptop or iPad.  “I’m Stranded!”  Well, at least 2014’s version of being stranded.  I still had an iPhone, connectivity, etc.

Anyway, after 15 minutes of coming up with alternatives I decided to go with it and just not do any work.  Being away from the day to day, heads down work we all do I ended up in a great environment and state of mind to work on some great business strategy.  Leaving the tactical behind bled over into my exploits as well…I snapped a fly rod while in the Yak.  But even that was amazingly refreshing. 

I mailed the fly rod back to the great folks at TFO on Saturday and will have it back in a week.    It’s Monday morning and I ‘m back in the trenches…All is good!