Why not hire the best!

Even though it was 30 years ago I still remember my first hire like it was yesterday.  I had just been promoted into my first leadership role and had to replace myself plus one other person.  Needless to say I was extremely busy and on top of that I did not have the right perspective when it came to finding and engaging the best person.  I went through the process and hired someone that stood out from a technical standpoint, but they failed miserably.

In hindsight, it was probably good that this first hire turned out the way it did.  I learned two important lessons that still guide me today.  The first one is that hiring is a rare opportunity to positively impact the trajectory of your team and consequently the most important decision you make as a leader, (These days it has become even rarer).  Finding and engaging the best person should be the number one priority for any organization.  The benefits from a great hire are tremendous and increase exponentially over time.

The second lesson is that while technical skills and experience are important, candidates with attributes like integrity and a strong desire to serve the mission are more likely to have a positive impact on our team.  Over the years we were able to achieve phenomenal results by building teams and helping people grow and develop within a culture of empowerment, ownership and mission.  Imagine the impact of bringing this insight directly to the recruiting process.

In 2007 we founded Beaullieu & Associates San Antonio's most respected information technology staffing provider with the idea of doing just that.  At the heart of our offering is an "Old School" approach to recruiting where every candidate, resume and requirement is viewed through the lens of an experienced information technology leader, a hiring manager.  We are the antithesis of today's modern recruiting practices.  We are focused and committed to finding and engaging the the best person, the best fit, every time.


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