Looking to jump-start your career? Start with your personal brand

We have had the privilege of leading and connecting with many great Information Technology Professionals on a daily basis, literally thousands over the years, helping them advance their careers and achieve their dreams. Understanding and projecting “Who You Want To Be”, your personal brand is a great first step towards achieving the success you desire and getting your career on track.

There is tons of information and advice out there about how to craft a good resume, how to answer tough interview questions and how to navigate your way through the selection process to get to the final cut. So what next?

Understanding, articulating and projecting your “Personal Brand” provides a very solid foundation for being successful at anything you do. Your personal brand is those three or four attributes that guide you and are reflected throughout your life’s body of work.

“What’s Your Personal Brand?” For me, it is all about Integrity, Service, Value and Commitment.

Integrity – Integrity is the foundation of any successful individual or team. Integrity builds trust. Trust empowers people. Empowered people propel teams to new heights and in new directions.

Service – Helping people, teams and entire organizations achieve the success they desire.

Value – The importance, worth or usefulness of something. What do you bring to your team or organization? Are you an MVP when it comes serving the mission and achieving results?

Commitment – Are you dedicated to the cause…mission? Can we count on you? Will you own it and see it through?

Knowing and living your personal brand leads to a great deal of consistency and confidence even under the most extreme situations. As you look to progress to the next level you will be asked to give examples of how you performed under difficult scenarios. Living and then recanting those experiences with the perspective of your personal brand as the guiding light will portray a clear and concise view of who you are.

Start with a clear understanding of who you want to be. Go out and build your personal brand to achieve the success you desire!

In 2007, I founded Beaullieu & Associates, Inc., to be the antithesis of today’s recruiting practices by offering a unique approach to recruiting that focuses on people and their potential for delivering value, performance and results.

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