Being Stranded on a Desert Island Key to Business Strategy?


Fav Fly Fishing Flat in Aransas Pass

Friday afternoon, I left San Antonio and headed to Aransas Pass to hang out, work and do some fishing.  I arrive and within minutes…OMG!  No laptop or iPad.  “I’m Stranded!”  Well, at least 2014’s version of being stranded.  I still had an iPhone, connectivity, etc.

Anyway, after 15 minutes of coming up with alternatives I decided to go with it and just not do any work.  Being away from the day to day, heads down work we all do I ended up in a great environment and state of mind to work on some great business strategy.  Leaving the tactical behind bled over into my exploits as well…I snapped a fly rod while in the Yak.  But even that was amazingly refreshing. 

I mailed the fly rod back to the great folks at TFO on Saturday and will have it back in a week.    It’s Monday morning and I ‘m back in the trenches…All is good!



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